Sell: Pokemon






To Submit Cards, Please Use This Form: Pokemon Bulk Submission Form

You do not need an exact count of your cards!



For any Pokemon Common, Uncommon, or Holo Card please refer to the following guidelines and rates:


Commons/Uncommons: $0.021/Each

Reverse Holo Commons/Uncommons: $0.10/Each

Rares: $0.08/Each

Reverse Holo Rares: $0.12/Each

Holo Rares: $0.14/Each

Energy: $0.005/Each

Breaks: $0.25/Each

Amazing Rares: $0.25/Each

Jumbo Cards: $0.25

Character Rares: $0.25

Unsorted Bulk (no Energy): $15/1k


V OR Better Cards:

Choose any 90 non-promo V, GX, EX, or better cards that you no longer want, pack them securely in a box, and send them to our store!

Indicate which box or boxes that you would like, and we will send you those boxes back! 


VStar Cards : $0.90/Each

 V Cards (No Zacian/Zamazenta/Dubwool): $0.90/Each

EX Cards: $0.90/Each

 GX Cards: $1.75/Each

 Full Art Trainer Cards: $1/Each

Baby Shiny Cards: $1/Each

Vmax Cards: $1.50/Each

  Rainbows (Secret) Cards: $3/Each




Any Coins: .25

Any Pins: 0.50/Each

Packs of Sleeves: $1/Pack


Please mail packages to:

Forge and Fire Gaming: Bulk Submissions

6330 Telegraph Rd.

Saint Louis, MO 63129


Please pack your boxes securely. If you are unsure on how to pack your cards, here is a handy reference: 


We do not reimburse for any postage, nor do we pay for postage due on packages unless otherwise noted.

All cards must be Near Mint condition. Cards sent in less than Near Mint condition will be sent back at the seller's expense unless otherwise arranged.

If any cards arrive damaged, or postage due, we will notify you via email!



If you would like to trade in more expensive cards, we are currently taking cards worth $5+ at 70% of TCGPlayer last sold prices for store credit!